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Aja-Bauhaus Style Learning & What students get.

Updated: May 30, 2022

Aja-Bauhaus: { A curated place of accelerated learning using multi-dimensional inspiration. Combines Nature, Aesthetics, Art, Music, Brain Function, Aromatherapy, Emotions, Science, Physics, and creative stewardship from one artist to another to create an enjoyable fluid, and sustainable learning experience.}

I Established Aja Lee Music & Art Studios in 2006 in La Jolla California. I had the vision to start my own company in 2005 after a lifetime as a practicing musician & artist, and 5 years as a professional, launching in 2006 after a year of Teaching and Curriculum Writing as the sole Music Director for grades K-5 at Bird Rock Elementary School* (charged with bringing students' knowledge levels back up to date from a deficit of 3 years without music studies ) I developed my own method, eventually described to me by a german friend as "Bauhaus Style", quite apt, the description stuck.

In my teaching, I use music as a catalyst for life lessons like patience, confidence, intelligent thinking, creativity, decision-making, therapy, and style development. Students will learn how to read in Treble and Bass clefs and proper Italian pronunciation (sheet music was invented in Italy and is written in Italian!). My own style which is a hybrid of European & American styles, my own theories for learning that I invented, with nods here and there to Suzuki & Classical. My method focuses on making music FUN and enjoyable based on Einstein's astute realization that the creative mind at PLAY is in its most intelligent form, and as I have found, its best environment for learning and RETAINING knowledge quickly effortlessly and retaining for a lifetime. My students are very important to me and the average length of stay at my studio is about 7 years. My goal is that students come to truly love music and play for the rest of their life, whether for hobby and personal expression or professionally. I teach all ages and levels from the 5-year-old beginner to the professional recording and writing musician. I have also rehabilitated many happy adults from their less than positive childhood music lesson experiences or early careers which can cause burnout from wanting to create anymore. It is truly never too late to let yourself explore something that you are interested in. Aja Lee Music Studios is a comfortable space where you can learn Voice, Piano, Ukulele, Guitar, Songwriting, how to Record, and Live Performance prep practice and technique. If you have not already you can send in the application on the lessons page and I will schedule a time for us to have a quick chat.

On a side note, I studied communication disorders at UCSD so that I can better advise students on where to go for help in topics like physical pain in the throat when singing or unwanted sounds that are beyond the scope of proper vocal care. I also developed a special Vocal class for the San Diego Center for Children where I was invited to administer my own therapeutic and talent development class for over 7 years ( until Corona hit ) serving disadvantaged, at-risk, and special needs children. This project was such a beautiful time for me to further practice my teaching theories. I really got, how to be a better teacher and communicator with all types of learners, ADD, ADHD Autistic Spectrum, Hearing impaired, trauma-related behavior, and so on. I believe every student is unique in the best way they can learn, and this only widened my scope of understanding and ability to locate and accommodate any one specific need of a student.


Aja Lee Faasse'

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