Welcome to Ajart

All of my paint is hand-crafted with Raw Natural Elements.

Carefully blended organic pigments with walnut oil and lavender oils.

Based on old-world recipes like Michelangelo would have used. A holistic way of painting vibrant colors that last forever.

Each painting, print, and product you buy, gives back to our earth.

"Aja The Travel Painter"

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10% of Ajart Profits go to Rainforest & Oceans

Free Paint-Chip Sampler 
A miniature painting printed on a sample size 
card with hand-matched color,
mailed to you. Makes it easier to decide.

I am not happy if you don't love your new piece of art and


Friday Art Classes!

Every Friday from 11-3:30 open art classes at my studio in Southern San Diego click the contact box above or below or email me at aja@ajalee.com. In this class, there is a max of 6 easels available and all materials are provided, we paint outside in my art garden and you are allowed to paint any subject you can dream of. Drop in when a seat is available or sign up for a weekly class at a lower price.

Therapeutic Brushworks©

This is a beautiful class that can be taken in a group, a private class, or at one of the centers where I teach. I developed a way to redesign how you picture your own body inside or out. This is an amazing technique where they painter is in moving meditation and focuses on the experience, not the outcome, producing a beautiful image of the body part you would like to heal or see differently in the mind. Re-mapping the brain while turning your new painting into a dream board, the brain works in visuals and this is an incredible way to change the way you relate to a specific part of your physical self.

Embellished Fine Art 

This is a really cool add-on for Fine Art Orders, where I can go over the printed version with real oil paint giving it texture and an almost indistinguishable version to the original.

Custom & Original Art

Custom commissioned and original art is the top option for texture, craftswomanship, and value. Hand painted original designs on high quality stretched canvas over a wood frame. Each Custom Commission and Original Art piece comes specially hand wrapped in its own custom-built box or rolled canvas without stretching. I began my custom commissioned work about 18 years ago growing into what I do now, so customs are my jam.

"What is the difference between Fine Art & Quick art prints?"

If you are not ordering an original painting then this is the next question for everybody:

Quick art prints (at the top of the page in the white section) are a fast easy way to get a great true to color canvas box print or other options, they are printed by a third party the second you click your order and shipped to you directly. I have a couple of these and to the untrained eye, they are imperceptibly different if your budget and time frame is short.

Fine Art prints (in the bottom black section) are custom ordered and I deal with them by hand with a world-class canvas reproduction printer here in San Diego, when I am on site I make sure that each of these Giclee's (reproduction made with solvents on canvas) are an exact match and we do digital work as well to get the most realistic depth and crispness of the original painting. I do this work so that all of my paintings can be more available at not only a lower cost than an original but also in any size for your room and are also non-fading in direct sunlight and last a lifetime!

Also in the black Fine Art section, you will see the original artwork on canvas with hand mixed paints if it is in stock.


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