Over 6,000 Happy Lessons Given!

Aja Lee Private Music Studio

Open M-Th 10am-6pm

Remote Lessons!

Ajart has raised over $2100.00 for Local Schools & Donated Over 700 Hours to teaching music to those in need.

Next Zoom Recital May 7!

I am a Charter Home School Approved Teacher!

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   Did You know that Aja Lee Music is a publishing Co. for all of your creative work too? 

Aja Lee

Music Publishing Co.

5 min from BR Elementary

Painting Classes in the Garden Darling!

This Month:

Turning Social Distancing into an opportunity- Learning how to dig deeper during lessons, tuning by ear, pitch-matching, songwriting, & Making recordings & Videos remotely.

I-Tunes Published Students & Global Listening

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