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Trendy little Tidbits from Europe.

Updated: Sep 24, 2018

A collection of a few interesting things I saw this summer.

-In every house in Italy, new and old I always notice this peculiar paint style where they leave the edges white. Love it or hate it, its definitely something that catches my eye when I am in Italy.

-Straws made of uncut pasta!! So genius.

-In Zurich I saw a Tea Humidor, this baby is high class, check out the mini hygrometers on the tea canisters!

-In Ortigia, Sicily we stopped off to get some dinner at an Enoteca, (note to travelers these wine bars are the only places open with food between 4pm and 7pm when everything closes, in our case none of the Italians were including them in "places to eat" so this was a glorious find after much traveling that got us into town late. The food will be to die for and the wine wil be free flowing.) on the walls were all these paintings held up by hangers, so easy to change art this way and super cute!

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