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The Good-Life

Updated: Aug 10, 2018

The Good-Life, and how to get back to it in an instant.

Hi There Life lover, Thank you for entering the zone of my brain.

It came to my attention two years ago that the underlying fuel for why I do everything is that I am driven to inspire others to love every single inch of their life. For example if you hate your drive to work, loathe the dishes, abhor the thought of working out, or just cannot stand looking at the mess of your office when you walk in, or anything that is causing you to be ineffective and postpone things, is something we all deal with everyday.

I like to call these things "good-life suckers".

I like to stare these guys directly in the eye, get a real good look, imagine the best possible recreation, and basically annihilate these little good-life suckers in their tracks.

I call this portion of this blog The Good-Life, and a way to get back to it starting right now. The concept is simple the "good-life itself is subjective and relative to each of us, so you may find for you the good life is the feeling you have when your awake early in the morning and no one knows it yet, or the feeling after a nice giant pasta with actual real cheese on top...but they are just feelings and the idea is that we stop ourselves from having these feelings sometimes, but they are always available if we can strip away the good-life suckers.


The idea is to think about today and this week where you see yourself procrastinating, avoiding, or just downright ticked off- PERFECT! Congratulations! You have found the perfect “good-life sucker”.

Now take said sucker and look at it, what shape, color, and feeling does it carry with it? Now aim your creativity blaster (yes we all have one, albeit sometimes buried, but trust me it is there.) and take - it - down. Don’t spend one more minute letting that little minion suck any tidbits of the good-life. Ok now ready? Fire!

Here is a picture of my desks work supply basket, seriously makes me turn on my heels and head for the laundry, it actually makes me avoid the entire room, it embodies every messy corner, overdue goal, and blasted to-do list…it is my nemesis. So I pintrested (I guess thats a word now) some organizing inspirations and this is the before and after picture.

REMEMBER, this is not about a basket, this is an exercise to obliterate procrastination, avoidance and all around non-enjoyment in life, so maybe mine is a basket today that helps me to be be unstuck in my todos this week, maybe yours is a goodwill pile in the backseat, a kitchen cupboard thats never seen the light of day, or a 20 min recurring increment of time that takes away all the goodness from your day. The point is, when we take an action that is doable now, it makes us unstuck for the moment so we can breathe in that fresh organized air and take a better step than we thought we would that day.

What area have you “unstuck” this week, or want to get going but need an idea or two?

Let us know! We love designing ideas for a good-life.

-Aja Lee Faasse'

Artist, Painter, Traveler, Life-liver, Girl.

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