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Sun Cream Review! Top 5 for sensitive skin.

Updated: May 30, 2022

My carefully curated roundup of about 30 years of self guinea pig research. I am what I like to describe as a "delicate Irish-dutch white" and with sun I get a nice "pink with extra freckles" color.

I did my dues, sadly scorning drugstore neutrogena (silent scoff) sunscreens as a teenager on a budget, after my skin was burning (not from the sun) and bright red from these so-called dermatologist tested creams. Nonsense.

In high school I was so desperate to heal my skin that was reacting both in and out of the sun, I started searching the library ( well to be fair I already loved hanging out there ) for books on the epidermis, and at an early age realized that beauty products are a hoax at best.

So here are my BEST picks, and yes I do make my own as well but you don't need to go that far. No I am not sponsored, this is actually a rebellion against buying any skin care at all, but I recognize we need supplements for when making our own is not an option:)

The word "skin-care" seems to be tossed around quite carelessly when you are a sensitive pale skinned human, all of it doesn't seem to really "care" about my "skin" in the least.

Look, half the models on these commercials wouldn't even touch the stuff they're selling.

*All of these are reef-safe & good for your skin so when you take it off your skin is glowing not suffering, and so are the little fishes.

Best Tinted

This brand is also best all around brand, all their stuff is awesome.

Best for Every day when not in direct sun, winter, or low UV days

I used to just use plain carrot seed oil before I found this stuff, fun fact a few oils like raspberry seed coconut etc have different natural SPF in them. This stuff is also great to use underneath ones like the stick that are thick and hard to blend.

I will also put this oil on and then put this Powder SPF over it when I need to do things like concerts and interviews outside and don't want to look pasty.

Best Tools

Scroll down in your iPhone weather app- see the UV count? That can burn us even when its cold cloudy or windy. When UV is low I can use the sun oil and a hat, or in winter just the sun oil for every day when Im not going to be in the direct sun.

Best Sunless Tan Creme for us pale folk


Best Face wash is don't use face-wash but if you must,

Coconut oil to remove Makeup

This stuff for a creme rinse

And I have been using mud to wash my face for the last 25 years, which I get here and mix with water. Also works great for getting off sticky SPFs.

Happy Shopping!



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