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PleeseCake (prou; Ch-eee-Z CAY-k)

Updated: May 5, 2023

Gluten, Dairy and Refined Sugar Free, as per usual.

I am telling you this smells and tastes BETTER than cheesecake.

When my friend Kallie brought this over for our Tuesday Lunchathon after our Tuesday song-writingathon, I asked her to co-chef my cookbook album, and she said heck ya!

Anyways had to share this with you, I think the brands are crucial so links to ingredients but go ahead and use what you like.

Toasted Caramel Graham PleeseCake

It's got a chewy toasty crust, it's got that weird ricotta-like thick baked in new york style filling, it's got greek inspired yogurt glaze, and it's got my vote.


Schar Graham Crackers crushed (or any gluten free graham cracker)

a couple of spoons of Myokos Butter until it is sticky and all mixed

coconut sugar


Kite Hill Cream Cheese

2 eggs



sea salt

Sour Cream Glaze

Kite Hill Sour Cream

small amount of agave

add corn starch if its too runny

Assemble as would a normal cheesecake

Press Crust into bottom of pan

add Filling

Bake 350 for 25 min

done when you jiggle it and the center circle is still jiggly

Let cool

drizzle with Sour Cream Glaze

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