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Turning Work into Art

Updated: Dec 1, 2018

Opera translates literally to work or art work, ARTWORK!

The page in my Italian schoolbook jumped out at me and I couldn't believe all these years of studying I never learned what opera meant, literally, and it brought me back to the way we place words in life and how it is so powerful.

Learning another language expands the mind to feel and understand things from a different perspective. The brain saves and uses different parts for each language we know (this switching on and off of different brain zones staves off alzheimers!) showing how completely different we are able to think with another language, that it even has its own designated brain area.

Changing the words around so that art synonymous with work. Because it is isn't it? Art IS work, it can be play and it can be playful and it is work, it takes time, it takes planning, it takes vision, it takes practice, it takes failing and it takes perseverance. It makes so much sense, Opera, it takes an enormous amount of energy, of risks, and even puts you in a place of constant scrutiny, mostly from yourself, but also from others wondering what the heck you are doing up there all alone for so long with just some brushes and some tea. I imagine people whispering in an old english queens accent "she's just never cleaning, tisk tisk, or taking out the laundry, all she does is paint paint paint!"

There is this incorrect idea of art that it is extra, idle, something to do when theres nothing to do, even the untrue belief that only artists can "art". But art IS everything and everything is ART. We keep something because it represents something to We buy something because it represents bringing a quality into our We work so we can create a daily pattern that we prefer.... more art. We talk to one another so we can share and exchange our ideas and

Opera d' arte.


It is all work, everything, but when the intention is art all the work is play.

My dad used to always tell me one thing, over and over, "Little Aja, if you like what you do you'll never have to work a day in your life". I was never really too sure if this was possible, but now i understand. Its not the actions, its the passion behind it.

If i am on the computer all night until midnight "working" away tirelessly because i cannot stop the flow of inspiration and magic, then it is not work.

If i am exhausted at the end of the day because of so many conversations and meetings and phone calls and classes, it doesn't feel like i worked, It feels like I played and I am exhausted with joy, like a little kid coming in from outside, covered in grass and bruises, ready for sleep but with a smile on his face.

I think there is one way to tell if you are doing your Opera.

When we do things we love, afterwards we never say, "ugh! i wish i didn't go that yoga class, plant those flowers, bring that dish of food to the neighbors, paint that picture, play that soccer game,...etc"

When we cant say that, it was probably our Opera.

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1 Comment

Jan 08, 2019

Our creator has made you in his image, that is why you are so beautiful., He has given you many gifts. A master painter, every morning he paints the sunrise and every evening the sunsets. Each day is different. Each Rose is different ,Each bird a different song. Each raindrop lands in its own space and each teardrop shed a sign of grace. I am so pleased that you have time to explore Gods face and with that I pray he draws you close. Talk to him and wait to hear what He has to say.

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