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OffGrid Mountain Wedding Part 4

Dress Fiasco, Watering seed babies, Cakes & Waltzing


It is quiet this morning. I can hear myself think, in the foggy marine layer light, I hear a crow softly flapping low through the street. I look up just in time to see her black figure stealthily moving as I water my backup wildflowers in my new front yard area. It is late May now and for the first time all year, I feel good about everything, the wedding planning, things in general. I have switched over from reading escape books to learning books, which is usually what I do when things are in an upswing phase. (Both books I am reading here are absolutely amazing, One is a quantum physics take on manifesting Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself and the other is Past Life and near death Soul Regression Stories Memories of the AfterLife ). The Garden is positively brimming with life after its near catastrophic demise of being subjected to too much rain, not enough care, and construction debris for 2 months. My Charles Darwin (a peach peony-looking bloom with an amazing smell) and Neptune (I call this one hot-lavender color) Roses are lush with buds and even my passion fruit vine has decided this is the year to make fruit! (tried a recipe to incorporate it into the wedding cake somehow) All in all it looks peaceful again.

But I still have to go back and catch you up on April and early May...

So remember that super cool dress I found from Jana Anns in Del Mar? The one they are now calling the "Aja"?

So I take it to their recommended tailor back in March to get it let out since it was too tight when I found it, we had to clip it to see what it looked like since the zipper wouldn't close. I blamed it on the glorious gf cinnamon roll I had that morning to celebrate. I put it on 2 months later and suddenly, it fit! I didn't even realize in all the stress I had endured I had gone down quite a few inches, so I thought, "Cool I don't have to get it let out so much now right?" ( feeling just a wee bit concerned about my health at this point!) The ladies at Elegant Design Tailors started putting the straps (which I was shown were just to hang off shoulder strapless) up onto my shoulders and I was like oh no no no that's not where they go and they were like, uh, ya, it is, and my friends were all like, uh I think they do go like that, in fact, it's not a strapless dress at all! Now maybe your like, whatever, that's not that bad. But I had specifically chosen this dress because it was strapless. Imagine your buying a car, a really cool vintage Citroen convertible, and you take it to the mechanic and he's like, oh wait this top doesn't go down at all, it's just a regular roof! That's the feeling I had. Nonetheless, a gaggle of pre-wedding friends were there to soothe my shock and after a day of thought I decided not to have them try to alter it to be strapless but to go with the original design, feeling good about it, I just let it go.

Some cool synchronicities started to happen and I began to choose to see that everything was turning around and all this wedding and life shenanigans would all work out. I went for a walk around my neighborhood one morning and ran into Susy, owner of Oh La La Dance, we had an amazing chat about life and such and then she offered to teach us our first dance steps! Something that had been on my dream list since I met Gavin, and definitely hadn't had time to materialize with all the unexpected things going on, anyways, how perfect! We had her and her adorable son over for dinner and learned the waltz to Paul McCartneys Calico Skies in our backyard:)

Another cool thing that happened was one of our Physical Therapist turned friend, told us that she secretly makes these competition-level cakes and only makes them for friends! I took a look at her photos and couldn't believe my eyes! Waterfalls, pumpkins, the most impressive sculptures in cake I've ever seen! She offered to make our cake as a gift and I couldn't believe our luck! I met her for lunch with my forest-themed Pinterest cake photos and showed her some really out-there ones and she says "easy!" So now my girlfriends and I are in test cake mode to try and find the perfect gf sf df recipe to give her for the main cake, hurrah!

The aforementioned Mountain Site Bachelorette Party got its own Video Reel Here thanks to Brooke!

Surpise Wedding shower party thrown by all my girlfriends, I truly wasn't expecting it and have never been the recipient only the thrower of surprise parties. I had already planned our Seed Planting weekend so I really thought that was all the parties I could ask for! It was amazing, 2 of my friends (Thank you Tettenburn and Nixon Family!) planned for me to come over on my way home from a cabin trip (we have been going every weekend to check on the seeds and get things ready for the wedding) to make test cakes for the above-mentioned project. I was totally shocked to walk into a backyard full of some of the most amazing women in my life along with a beautiful table laid with all my favorite foods AND test cake no.1! If you notice I am wearing rainboots and pants under my dress in the photos that will tell you how surprised I was. (see video here )

A giant surprise lilac (My favorite that grows in Michigan) turned up on the wedding property out of nowhere! (see insta photo here)

And lastly, getting excited for our private tour of a piece of dreamland coming up in early June. We have been talking with the owners all year who heard about us and our vision for building an off-grid mountain situation for a woodshop, house, art and music studio, beehive, greenhouse, and pretty much everything for a completely sustainable setup that we hope to use for growing things, making things, retreats, classes and to grow old on.

I will write the last of this series for June, thank you for checking in, it has been a pleasure hearing all of your questions and knowing you all have been reading along with me all year!



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