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Off Grid Mountain Wedding Last Part

The beginning of the End, or the end of the beginning.

I think that perhaps weddings were just invented to see if you can actually make it through to the altar after all that planning and sweating. You know, to make you double-check all your flaps before taking off. Maybe it was the 2 surgeries (Gavin got one so I thought it would be fun to get one for me too! ) , one injury, a pilgrimage to the jungle, 1 evacuation, 2 moves, recording a new album, 2 emergency room visits, testing cake recipes and my sanity, amongst running my music & art studio and helping Gavin start his Didgeridude Business, that really did me in. So call me crazy if I never want to do another wedding as long as I live!;)

So to recap from parts 1-4 of this series (so long wedding blog!) My biopsy did come back as shall we say, undesirable, and I had to have surgery to remove it. There have been a lot of cute neck scarves in my life lately!

We took a land tour of a piece of land that we have been talking to the owners about since January and it was fantastic, fingers crossed this could be the one! (oh and ps for those of you coming to the wedding it is right next to it so we will probably take a little tour there the day before or after the wedding:)

Gavin and I actually learned a basic Waltz, Hooray! See Local Dance Studio who helped us HERE.

I finished recording Misty Mountains and the music video and song are slated to release in July!

The one million seeds and bulbs we planted all year are actually sprouting! Gavin created a last-minute 4-acre watering system end of May when I think he realized my dreams of a wildflower wedding were literally wilting away. But upon last weekend update there will be no blooms for the wedding, but we will have blooms for the music video in July:)

I did however accidentally stumble across a wildflower shop in Idyllwild called mountain poppy florals, it is the most cutest amazing beautiful flower shop I've ever seen and the owner who opened it as her dream, offered to make my bouquet for me even though it's on her shops opening day! With only a week to go, after just realizing the flowers would not bloom in time, I couldn't believe my luck! See the amazing blooms here.

Last weekend we went up for our last hurrah to work on the cabin erect a wild wee station as well as finish the log pew seating and do finishing touches.

Unfortunately, as I left for the Mountains with Gavin a day behind me, he had his second emergency room visit and ambulance trip in three weeks. He has been feeling weak and fainting when at work so they ran a lot of tests and found nothing, but sent him home with a heart monitor for the next couple of weeks.

Life always has a funny way of teaching me what's most important, and why I am here. One thing I learned this year is how to receive better. Receive help, input, and so much love that sometimes I honestly don't know what to do with myself. Sometimes people think that because you perform and speak and teach and go on stage that you are are always tough and never anxious or concerned, but it's quite the opposite. I do what I do because I love people, because I want to make this world better before I leave, and because I have all these ideas passions, and talents that will never go away, so I figure I might as well do something with them while I am in this body. At any rate, it's been a deeply meaningful, scary, and frighteningly beautiful year, here is to a little respite for the summertime!

Cheers & Love you all, See you on the mountain.

I'll be the girl in the boots and white dress;)


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