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Lets' Re-vive.

OOOOk, so I really don't like to be seen or heard that much at all (shocking I know!) But what happens is I just find something so amazing or beautiful that I want other people to experience too, and it overrides my self consciousness. This year..ha ha just kidding im not going to do a lockdown story of how I stopped using shampoo (although I did! more on that later;) I am going to tell you the story of how I can't seem to really find an end to my story, yet.

I was taking a seminar class with my super awesome boyfriend via Zoom with about 200 other people, when I realized that I actually don't do anything with my music. My songs (much like my plants) are truly my little babies, except once they leave the nest of the recording studio and go out into the world on their little streaming platforms, I send them a fond farewell and never call or write or visit them ever again.

As I realized this I kind of got this overwhelming feeling that, well before I die (and not in a sad sense or anything, just literally what else would I do if I could do anything with my last years) I would like to see my little songs somewhere besides floating in a sea of nothingness that is the internet, and what I really want is to see them find good homes, specifically in the TV and Movie realm of what is now the Netflix streaming world.

Then I took a huge step back and realized my quiet play it safe side really didn't like where this was going, and then I actually didn't quite the seminar, and then somehow I ended up on a train to LA for a producer meeting.

Fast forward to a beach walk with one of my ultra-fabulous gal pals (Janaaaaa whats up gf!) and she shared with me how now a days non music making people really like to see and be part of the process of writing recording and even watching songs find their way from baby songs no one has ever heard to totally notable* standing.

So against my better judgment I am going to share - the - whole -process...with

my bunny rabbit.

Ok JK, and all of you guys!

The art Auction is really to raise money for this album, and I will just keep those of you who stay subscribed posted on all the details, chat about it a little on my livestream concerts, and post any newsworthy notes on SM from time to time, like how the Hottest LA Artist/photographer is on board for the album cover (check out Ankenbrandts etherial images here ) and somehow found a multi-awarded producer ( Check out Rashid Laine Here) who agreed to help me cultivate and culminate my new album (thank you Flavia & everyone who helped).

I am by no means set for this journey yet, and sometimes I get so scared I want to shut it all down, but I figure if I write to you all I wont be able to pretend I never wanted to do it. So thank you.

And thank you for when it all comes together.

Musically Yours,


*pun provided

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