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It's a beautiful world. That is how I see it.

There is something so breathtaking about feeling every moment and turning it into art.

During the mornings I write, take my bike to my local producer's studio with my ukulele in a repurposed raffia basket. The old leather and headphones inside the glass vocal booth beckon me. Afternoons I will paint, letting the best light of the day dictate the colors that will make their way onto the stage of the canvas. By the time it's after lunch I will be in my teaching studio, giving music to anyone who will let me, gosh how I love teaching music! Being with a student is a gift, so full of life and laughter and never gets old to me. How can it ever get old to give someone else something as precious and otherworldly than to turn little paper notes into sound? Nights I will steal away, read about interesting places and pintrest around for the next place to have an adventure.

Everything is a means to an art. Form, that is.

I am a Travel-Painter.

I paint my songs the same way as I paint my canvas, from the endless blue whooshing waters of the Adriatic Sea, to the tiny little baby caterpillar on a flower. From the news of my little brother having a baby to reuniting with an old friend after almost 20 years, like time never passed it all.

When I go to Sicily this August I will not be on a tour bus, I will be sitting in a cafe with the hot sun on my feet as I hide in the shade and watch the beads of water sweat off of a glass of vino and listen to the cicadas. I will absorb and listen and breathe in the flowers and the honey the lemon trees and the salty sandy air. I will talk to all of the wonderful people that inhabit our planet, working all day to be with their families and enjoy a beautiful meal.

And I will paint it all.

Weather with notes or with my brush.

Be who you are. Travel with Abandon.

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