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Homemade Apple Cider for Michiganders away from home.

Oh Michigan! Right now I would be wearing rubber boots, listening to the golden leaves rustle in a big fat pile, my nose all pink and cold, a big squishy sweater and some hot cider and doughnuts with my brothers and grandma at Robinette's Apple Orchard and Cider Press Mill, but poor me I am on the beach in sunny san diego where getting a decent apple to grow in this gloriously anti fall weather is hard pressed to ever happen (pun intended).

Anyways I took matters into my own hands and made my own version as best I could.

If you have a vitamix and a nut milk bag and some random apples we're in business for some quick and easy raw apple cider as close as I can get without a plane ticket or a $35 shipping fee per bottle.

San Diego Vitamix Cider

5-6 small organic apples de-cored and sliced (skin on)

1/3 cup pure water

BLEND in vitamix on high

Squeeze thru nut-milk bag

Place on super low heat with a Ceylon cinnamon (did you know of its not Ceylon it not real cinnamon?) stick during the afternoon and sip with friends who come over because they smell it down the street.

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