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Healing Winter Spice Tea - Kid approved!

Here's an amazing tea you can make with stuff from around the kitchen this time of year. The great part is you can sub any of the parts or leave them out per your tastebuds or missing ingredients.

The orange peel gives this tea super Vitamin C for a little pep in your immunity this season.

I keep a warm pot of it around basically from October-January.

This is also a fantastic cleansing tea so it is amazing for that "holiday-tum" which is what I call the feeling in my stomach after 12 weird treats in one day, leaving you feeling svelt and healthy.

THE BEST PART is it smells amazing, makes your house or office smell amazing and tastes even better!

I don't know about you, but i am tired of getting a box tea (which is expensive these days!) with clever packaging and delicious-sounding descriptions for it to actually taste like old bark dust...yeah I feel so detoxed and happy drinking my hot mug of tree bark :(

I am here to REVIVE the idea of tea, it is not sad, or a second to coffee, THIS tea will knock your woolly fall stockings off.

Oh, and did I mention kids LOVE it? Its been tested and approved on about 6 years of students straight, they drink, they smile, they refill.

ONE giant teapot or pan, I either fill a teapot from the hot kettle or heat up all of it in a bigger pan on the stove if I need to make a lot.

  • One Orange with peel quartered

  • One Star anise (optional)

  • One CEYLON cinnamon stick or powder. If cinnamon does not say Ceylon it is not true cinnamon but actually a holiday candle-smelling imposter, only toxic in large doses and much cheaper- but I do have to say a friend of mine (hey girl!) and I had a cinnamon-off and she preferred her regular cinnamon to my ceylon. It smells stronger and sweeter than ceylon and it did grow on me after a few days. But I stick to ceylon as it is the one with all the health benefits. A less dramatic look at cinnamon types;)

  • 1-3 Cardamom pods this is to taste and also optional, I've met a few cardamom haters in my day, but it goes in my personal pot.

  • Nutmeg optional too, sprinkle to taste

  • Allspice optional STT

  • MAPLE sugar, now i totally make it without for more of a cleanse tea, but when i make it for students and kids I add sweetener, you can also use honey or coconut sugar.

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