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Grab Bag of Joy

Heres a thought, What if we Can do it... AND do it the way we want to do it?

What if having your cake is nonsense... I am happy to use my real life as an experiment in this idea. So far I am seeing that I can also eat my cake, it doesn't always have to be so hard, we don't have to follow templates or formulas, and I might even be considering that *miracles actually do happen, like every day, even though I don't think I believed in them before.

*Something occurs spontaneously and independently that changes how you see things and cannot be explained.

When I was little, maybe four or five, I remember walking with my mom, little brothers in tow somewhere in the scene, to the summery neighborhood garage sales in mid-Michigan. My eye was on the prize..grab-bags. Those glorious little 25 cent brown sacks of endless possibilities. It could be a plastic care-bear for my care a lot set, a swirly rubber bouncy ball, a strawberry scented strawberry shortcake friend, or even better, something I never even knew existed! I remember assembling grab-bags with my mom when we would have our own garage sales, I loved making sure each one was well balanced and thoughtfully themed.

Anyways, my point is I tend to stop enjoying/creating things when I have yet again pigeonholed my own demands into ridiculous invisible expectations and the beautiful little orb of joy that once was my idea, is all but lost. So I am going to experiment creating in a sort of grab bag way- a song here, a recipe here yes, and this time I will only say something when it is worth saying (vs following the well-known template of producing material on a strict schedule) no rules apply when you grab-bag it, you never know what you'll get or when it will appear and that's the fun of it! So yes newsletters may come out every third or fourth week or maybe a mini one snuck in between- the point is to re-inspire myself and all of you by going back to a memory that made you excited about the limitless possibilities of ideas and life, turn what we're doing upside down- and do it how we WANT to do it! It can be the smallest action as in a chapter of my favorite artists book :The Artists Way says: The smallest action, we tend to say we can't accomplish our ideas because they require a total overthrow of our previously crafted schedule and demands, but instead of needing an entire art studio for clay we could clear a corner of the kitchen or get some play-dough for our office, instead of needing to devote two hours a day to create a new product, just give yourself five and doodle on a pad, just a small action. it qualms

the inner artist who is sitting there wondering when they will get another chance to shine and express...oh and if your wondering, YES we are ALL creative inside- yes all of you computer programmers who secretly create catalogs at night, moms who knit tiny hippos like a fiend, dads who secretly want to open a food truck, you are ALL creatives- so grab a bag of joy and get un-stuck- please so we can see all your cool stuff!

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