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What art is not.

This week I had a great breakthrough in my music on stage, as I was leaving for a show I was going through my usual list of worrying about things I can't control when it all goes live, cables not working, electrical problems, connection failures, spacial logistics, and of course a healthy dose of "what if their not entertained every second of every hour?" when my delightfully versed in living-with-an-artist boyfriend, intervened. he was determined to make a difference as I went through my list of reasons to worry checklist and

said the greatest thing Ive ever heard about going on stage or creating art.

"Art is not a function of the feedback of the people."

I started at him, stunned that this concept had never been shared with me before, as it instantly helped and stopped all of my ramblings and worries. Last post I wrote about our "why" and that kind of spun from this.

Basically if we create art, music, words, anything with the worry about what these imaginary "people" will or wont like then it is quite possibly just not art anymore and we are creating it for a reaction we created in our mind.

Art is not created to create a feedback it is just an expression.

Pure and simple expressionism, the product can be there afterwords but that is secondary.

There are so many wonderful side effects this shift of thinking has, including not worrying about the results because what do the results matter if the reason for doing is to express?

I believe we stop creating when we forget that creating is expression, I know I do.

I wish you all this week that whatever you want to create, a meal, a conversation, an invention, even just a special moment with family or friends, that you can see it for what it is in its purest form.

That you can see it as an expression from inside of you.



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