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Why I write My Music

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

My New album is out this Wednesday, but why do I do it? As a music teacher, as a lifelong from the womb music listener, as a girl, and walking this earth with an artist's mind, this is the real reason why I write publish my ideas.

The purpose of my music is to easily introduce different musical elements to the listener, to elevate the quality of the listening experience, and to bring joy and inspiration.

I have searched my whole life to find a way to create something that can give the gift of transporting, taking you away on a vacation like feel while simultaneously the lyrics journey through different human concepts. When we listen to anything, watch anything, think or feel about anything, it changes us, shapes us, guides us in that new direction by affecting us deeply in our core beliefs and feelings. If all art is creating by merely the desire to evoke a response and if that specific response is directly evoked it is by definition then "successful" art, even if that effect may be to confuse like Igor Stravinsky's Agon or cause one to want to dance like Gladys Knight's Friendship Train, the idea of my music is meant to affect the brain in a positive direction, eliciting free powerful and forward thought, that it also inspires and lastly that it heals.

I realized the first time I performed the power of my music as it left some in tears, even from the crowd of 2000 that they were touched, from 300 feet away, I had affected someone by just sharing one creation and then re-sharing that creation over and over again. I was only 16, it was a totally new concept to me. I have had handfuls of patients recovering and not recovering from illness telling me that my SoundCloud station was on a constant loop bringing them joy and peace in their hospitals, how do you respond to someone telling you that? I have played for so many wakes, and I have had so many tearful eyes and stories tell me that my music was healing to them, it took me so so many years to accept this, it was jarring to even me the writer to be told I just couldn't believe it.

Every time I play live, the running joke is, somewhere, somehow a little girl in a dress will pop out and start dancing,, I've seen it in bars, streets, music venues, I don't know where they come from but they feel the music and they come over and start twirling, it's amazing every time. When I play in yoga mediations like I have for the past 13 years, the emotions and responses I get from those who have just listened to me during their meditation, the time when we are so able to absorb, heal and reflect, has made even me emotional at times to again realize that my music could ever be so powerful. We spend so much time in society trying to make things happen between people, trying to cause people to feel better, agree or understand, and here I am with one song in my head, asking nothing in return, and getting so much change and shifting from it, it's crazy.

I have been a musician since I wrote my first song about thunderstorms in crayon at age 6 and put it in my pink plastic briefcase, I sang the tune in my head for years, I can still hear it. It just took me 30 years to stop being afraid of what my music does and could do, as they say, it is our greatness that we are really most afraid of, and I get it, it's true when you hold something in your hand that wields such response, its hard to know what to do with it, wield it for good or bad, hide it away, pretend its not here? But it is impossible, whatever we have in us, it wants to come out. I let it out for inspiration and healing, for new conversations, and for transportation to your favorite place no matter where your feet are standing.

More to come on what elements you are being introduced to in each song, they will be released one at a time every two weeks starting April 15th on every music platform there is, and if your under 20 yes Tik Tok too;)

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