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The Endo & Inflammation Arsenal

This blog is for all of you who are dealing with or might be suspicious of dealing with Endometriosis and or massive inflammation and pain issues. I have book links at the end if you are not sure and you want to find out more about what it is. Basically, if you or someone you know has chronic severe pain that ramps up about once a month to the point you are debilitated and cannot walk or leave your bed, including and not limited to fascia pain migraines swelling of the abdomen, cannot sit in a chair, and organ pain to name a few, then you may want to read on.

I started the endometriosis diet 3 years ago when I saw a reproductive acupuncture Ayurvedic specialist- the diet she showed me sounded insane as a full-time cheese wine and bread eater, I did it anyway, and it brought my pain down from a 10 to a 4. (I am not sponsored or paid by any of these products, this is just a list of things that have helped me, and that took a lot of trial and error to get to). Over the years I added and subtracted even more things from her list and this is what I have curated to date.

As so many women have asked me how I deal with it, I then end up writing down all this info over and over, so this is also just an easy way for all of you to have access to the research I have collected. I have been lucky enough to have the time to experiment, to read, to see different doctors, to leave some doctors behind, to talk to so many women before and after me, and to actually begin to heal. It's been 25 years, but finally, in the last 3 I have unlocked something, and I feel that it will only get better so that is really my driving force in this article, hoping that more women can have an easier time with this debilitating issue and not be afraid to talk about it!

I will start by sharing what I do and what I don't have in my kitchen as a launching point for this subject of healing, and yes I do include what's in my medicine cabinet shower and makeup drawer as part of my kitchen since what we put on has the same effect as what we put in, no doubt about it. I expect to do more of these as I document what has been and what will be going on in the hopes that more women can be healed. I am not a doctor, please see one if you have not already, and that includes seeing one who is listening to you and is one step ahead of you! I will include a list of some in case you need a new one. I go to a Western doctor, an Ayurvedic, and a Certified Naturopathic Doctor or ND which is a four-year post grad the same as a doctor but goes off to study how the bodies systems work together versus offering pharmaceuticals and surgeries.

The diet I speak of is Refined Sugar free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Alcohol Free, and Wheat GF.

Don't worry, its not taste free, in fact Ive never had such amazing food when Im not filling up on bread wine and cheese. But more on that later.

What I DO have in my kitchen

Farmbox order - This reminds me, if not forces me, to eat MORE fruits and veggies, very KEY.

Organic non-sweetened nut mylks

Tons of Organic spices peppers and sea salts

Organic Fiber Mix - Daily (see your gastroenterologist if your having stomach issues, he started me on this)

Mushroom Inflammation Tincture - I ran out and could literally feel the difference without it. This couple farms their own and makes fresh strong versions, just call them up and they'll mail it to your house:)

Evening Primrose Oil - ND put me on this

Vitex/Chaste Tree Berry - helps with painful cramps


Minerals for Water - If your water filter takes out all the minerals you need to add them back in- causes headaches when the water has no minerals it will take them from your body.

Greens galore ( I make smoothies and keep in jars for up to 3 days, cheaper and safer than plastic bottle juices at stores) See Farm box again at top.

Ginger- fresh-juiced & powdered for teas drinks and anything you can add it too

Seed Cycling seeds (more here on how to balance hormones with seeds)

Kava Root - excellent for pain! No, it does not taste good, this if for when I am desperate.

Cbd Cbn Tincture - excellent for severe pain! ( As you probably have experienced no amount of aspirin or Tylenol does the trick for endo pain, I had one doc who gave me a prescription for a horse pill size of Advil when I said that I was taking the max dose for 7 days in a row and it wasn't helping. I knew I couldn't take anymore and vowed to find a better solution- the advil was eating a hole in my stomach!)

Gaia Stomach Soothing capsules - for when your stomach is affected by the pain

Arnica Pills- this is my newest find for pain and inflammation and I am really impressed so far by using it during the worst weeks only.

Organic or home made Shampoo & Everything shower related ( I will add my recipes in another blog) Facewash

Organic Makeups and Chemical-free Sunscreen

What I do NOT have in my kitchen




Canola corn palm sunflower oils

Nsaids, prescription painkillers, over counter etc.

Soy (use coco amino instead, it is actually coconut flower nectar blossom and salt!)


Perfumes, Chemical Candles and anything with the word "fragrance" in it (only essential oils in my house, perfumes are hormone disrupters and massive migraine triggers) even the wording natural fragrance means not natural, only the word essential oil should exist in the description. Some of the worst things are hairspray and perfume shampoo and soaps laundry pruducts face-wash and room sprays have massive amounts of chemicals added for long lasting smell.

What I DO

Yoga for Endo - This video is awesome, short, and totally doable even on my worst days. I notice it really does help with the painful days.

Yoga for mayofascial pain all over

Belly breathing - When all else fails I can just meditate on my breath, breathing deep into my stomach to get through the worst of it. You can read more about the effects of belly breathing, it truly is a wonderful tool.

Trampoline/rebounder - This is for the lymphatic system, helps keep it free and clear which assists all the bodies systems in turn & I notice a difference when I forget to, so this one has earned a place on my list!

Hula - I love this for when adhesion and abdominal pain is really bothering me, it feels really good on the abdomen and helps break up adhesions when they start to cramp your style- your welcome for the pun.

Fascia release work with Therapist - When the body's pain receptors are chronically overloaded all kinds of systems can start breaking down, and for me, it's the fascia all over the body that locks up like cement- once I learned what fascia was and about fascia release techniques it changed my life. Find a therapist who knows.

Fascia release work with self - Same idea as above, just when I can't see anyone I do it on myself as well as this video version of it - if I can catch it before it starts getting really bad I will avoid the migraines and full-body pain that happens if I do nothing about it.

Biking & walking - just keeping moving seems to help a lot

Acupuncture - yes it actually helps with the pain, this depends on how good the practitioner is, I have gone in the midst of terrible pain and walked out feeling noticeably better.

What I READ Coming soon:)

Wishing you and your loved ones all the healing in the world, feel free to share here on this thread or message me @



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