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Raw Cranberry Relish

OMCranberries, if you like tart this recipe will knock your socks off. I lOVE this relish and make it every year, I always wondered why we had to cook cranberries into that gelatinous goo and once I tried this raw relish I never boiled a single cran again;)

What is really great about this side dish is the raw cranberries have a digestive and cleansing effect against all the holiday creams and starches, the ginger settles stomachs, and the orange peel gives you a little dose of Vitamin C and immune booster.


In a Food Processor, you don't want to use a blender if you want to keep it chunky and relish-y.

One Bag Cranberries, organic if you can, since we're not cooking them the flavor will be really noticeable and organic crans have excellent flavor.

One Orange with the peel, sliced into smaller sections, use half an orange at first if you're not sure how orangey you want it.

One small nub of Ginger (If you like ginger!)

Lots of Honey

Process all together in food processor until it looks like relish!

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