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Misty Mountains Bath Soak

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Something amazing for you to soak in while you watch the Misty Mountains Music Video Premiere coming out Friday November 3 at noon PST!

I made it, I tested it...I fixed it, and now its your for the taking.

After I injured my back making the music video for misty mountains my doc sent me to PT (first timer) which I am now a hug fan of btw, and these soaks are just amazing for this kind of thing, part of my new why don't I take more baths all the time lifestyle.

The first version of this had menthol, which I have no switched out for Camphor on account that menthol is cold and more of a summer thing, this camphor oil really packs a punch in working you up both in and out of the bath, the fir needle oil takes you away to the forest and misty mountains beyond. Also available at all my live shows now:)

Equinox Soak Recipe

4.4 lbs. Magnesium Flakes

250 grams Msm

3 lbs. dead sea salt

4 oz powdered dried arnica flowers

2 cups bentonite clay

4-5 lbs. epsom salts

4 drops Camphor essential oil

4 drops fir needle oil

Good with 1/2 cup per bath.

The reason the amounts are so large is I wanted to have enough to take baths all the time anytime for like a year, and I also made enough to give half to friends, so you can pair this down. This is also based right off all the container sizes that this stuff comes in so that makes it even easier. I have done a bunch of soaks in testing phase but the good ones that are pure and don't have a ton of perfumes and crap in them run about $13 a bath, and even though they say they don't have perfume still smell suspicious to me, annoying if those kind of chemicals give you headaches. But basically, I want to have giant baths all the time and not have to ration my salts.




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