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Cozy Frankenpopcorn

By Cozy I mean it smells like fall, by Franken I mean its both salty and sweet, and by nature as always I mean it is clean eats, easy, and tastes better than those dirty dirty holiday snacks emblazoning the sides of the isles this time of year.

Despair not!

Franken popcorn is here.

- Pop Plain popcorn (if you don't have an air popper youtube how to pop in a regular pan on the stove)

- Drizzle on Melted Unrefined Coconut oil (tip the unrefined has coconut flavor and smell the refined does not as much)

- Sprinkle on Sea Salt (I like pink, and yes because its pink, but also has a less "salty" flavor than iodized or table salt)

- Sprinkle on Maple Sugar or Coconut sugar or my FAVORITE: Straight up Maple Syrup.

It's sticky and reminds me of my grandma's popcorn balls which when I looked up realized they're just food coloring and corn syrup, woops, can't have that!

Anyways it is what i WISH carnival kettle corn tasted like, and that's my point.

To make food that literally tastes like I dreamed it should.

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