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Bio-Water {back to school version} Recipe

Having headaches? Feeling super thirsty or hungry all the time? Hate the taste of "water"?

I discovered after getting a super fancy under the sink 5 chamber water filter, that there is one little secret about filtering your water that can cause a lot of havoc, and is SO SIMPLE to fix!

It reminds me of the old saying that sometimes, or usually, in my case, it's the simplest things that make the biggest impact in life. Our sleep quality, good relations, work and hobbies that we love, fresh air, and a huge one is not just "drinking enough water" but checking in on what kind of water we are drinking. In my quest for healing while managing multiple and usually painful symptoms and diagnoses, taking a look at my water source has been a very interesting journey. The first time I really noticed how REAL water made me feel is when I was biking around part of the Giri d'Italia route in northern Italy and stopped at an old fresh spring water fountain coming down off the Alps. When I put my hands into the water it shocked me, no like literally shocked me, like when you rub your socks on the carpet and you get zapped! When I drank it I felt immediately my thirst go away and realized when I drank city water or water from a disposable plastic bottle in a store or airport, or even from restaurants with bad water, it never tasted this good! And it never took my thirst away. Thus began my quest for ways to find or create good water while living in a city.

During covid we switched from getting reverse osmosis water jugs at the PB water store, which my body had been relying on for the last 15 years (due to the lines for water getting so long they were running out of water) got a midline water system delivered to the house and installed. As soon as we switched both of us started getting headaches right away and it was my dad actually (thanks dad!) who reminded me that if the water is filtered too much it now has NO minerals left in it for our bodies to use. This causes the body to try and get the minerals but is depleted, so headaches and other side effects can occur. When the city water was traveling through several chambers of my new filter, it resulted in a liquid devoid of all mineral quality, not that it has much to begin with. I can't believe i never thought of it before, in so many experiments I did for healing my body, I had forgotten about the thing that we are made mostly of, and how not all water is equal, and certainly not all water is replenishing our bodies with what they need for living. When I drink fresh water with proper minerals now, and to tastes so good, I feel like in the past it was akin to putting soda pop in the gas tank of my car, it sort of ran, but man it had a lot of issues every day!

The simple solution I found was to add tasteless mineral drops to your water. I did some research and have been successfully using this one for the past 3 years. I leave it right by the water faucet to remind me to use it (FYI go light for the first couple weeks! The body will not be used to it at first and this can cause a mild upset) and my favorite thing this early fall season (muggy heat wave here in southern California) is making my Bio-Water.

BIO-WATER {back to school version*} Recipe

Glass or terracotta jug

(This truly changes the flavor and chemistry of the water, Terracotta jugs (make sure they are pure non toxic drinking jugs/amphers do not use a decorative jug. I would attach mine from etsy but it is no longer available) as will plastic or even BPA free plastic, and I am not a fan of the flavor of aluminum.

PS I recently got a titanium filter travel bottle here and I am surprised at how it does not make the water taste "tinny" like other metal bottles (click here for the titanium filter bottle usable in rivers streams and airports) but I got this mostly for drinking from freshwater streams and spring sources.

Fresh filtered water (If you have access to fresh spring water or good well water you do not need to do this part of the recipe, it already has minerals and you can just add some cold brew tea, lemon slices, or mint leaves). Filter here.

Half dropper full of Sea Minerals - This bottle lasts more than a year, almost 2 years, and girls this is also a great hack for getting plenty of magnesium which is the mineral that helps us out a lot in feeling relaxed and balanced.

A quarter dropper full of Zinc Liquid {this is the back to school version*} gets my students and parents at the studio hydrated and all of us full of zinc for the immunity challenges of fall and winter} I don't always add the zinc every day like the sea/magnesium drops.

Half a Lemon sliced up

Fresh Mint leaves from the Garden if you have it!

Viola! Bio-Water:)

Let me know how yours tastes!



I notice every time that if I have cheap water from a plastic bottle, or a tap source without drops that I just keep feeling so thirsty. The Farmers Almanac and other weather predictors say the west coast will be above average dryer and warmer this fall so I am making a note to stay hydrated well past the "fall" weather:)


I took my titanium bottle to the airport this weekend and filtered the public water sources for an extra layer of health and safety while I traveled. It took away that gross tap flavor and made me drink more water! PS the titanium bottle is the only bottle usable with electrolyte drinks, other filters cannot handle the ingredients in them and have a reaction.

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