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What started Aja Lee Studios.

Your private lessons include all-inclusive access to Guitar Ukulele Piano Vocals Songwriting Recording Audition and Play/Musical Prep Live performance and Publication more here!

I started my studio in 2006 after I realized, interviewing children and adults about their music experiences dreams, and goals in life, that 90% of adults harbor negative memories of their music lesson experience as a child, leading them to abandon music practice altogether! This finding led me to further shape my studio from the beginning (2006) around (for children) making their experience so wonderful that they keep music in their life for the long haul (for adults) rehabilitating their sense of wonder, creativity, hope, and love for a life with music in it. Not only is music a wonderful exercise for the brain to grow and expand and use both hemispheres, but is also therapeutic, and one of the few practices we can do long into our life.

The joy I get from seeing my students smile laugh and feel proud of themselves each day while learning a deeper level of patience for the self, of discovering how their own brain learns, of confidence, and of working the muscle of healthy expression is a life I wouldn't trade for anything. I consider myself the luckiest of teachers that I get to see my students more than the typical school year, It is common for me to see kids from elementary school up until they leave for college which gives me the unique opportunity to help them navigate their dreams through the interface of music. Some kids choose to keep music a hobby and respite from the everyday stresses that undoubtedly ramp up as they near adulthood, and some have chosen to go on to schools to pursue music like USC, or have gotten into Carnegie Youth programs, Professional Theater Leagues or even begun earlier at switching to artistic and musically strong elementary level schools. I also created one of my dreams of being able to teach a course I created in Confidence Through Music studies to our county's in-need and underprivileged youth for seven years at the San Diego Center for Children, helping me better understand how to teach children with autism, ADD, ADHD, hearing deficits, speech apraxia, or traumas that also exhibit strong musical talents and gifts. In 2014 I was also approved to be able to teach outside of my local bubble to home-school kids in all counties through the charter vendor system!

Thank you for beginning and or staying on your course of music one of the best ways we can bring art and joy into each other's life.


Aja Lee

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