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Sedona Winter Art Collection

It's a beautiful place to be, theres a crisp dry coolness and a feeling of space and peace. The colors of the earth grab at you with their gritty textures while fuzzy yellow shapes of cactus needles glow in the distance. The energy is mellow, the agenda list can be thrown out, doing nothing is sacred again.

I have been working on this collection for about a year and finally finished all five of the peices I set out for Sedona Collection. Each work is crafted with hand mixed all natural pigment paints, which if you've never heard of them (as it took me years to find them!) it is this really cool technique. Normally when you oil paint it is from a tube and it is highly toxic, you need a ventilated area, and it smells for a long time, your not even supposed to get oil paint on your bare skin! Well I was not a fan of that and wanted to find something better for both the earth and for myself. Natural pigment paints are exactly what artists like Michealangelo would have used, ground up powders from different quarries of minerals and stones from around the world, I mix them into a paste with walnut oil and lavender oil. The colors are richer and last longer than tube oil paints, and the spirit of the colors can be celebrated at their fullest potential.

Sedona Collection Stories:

He is wise & takes his time to survey the world, nothing goes unseen & he brings a deepness to all of his thoughts.

She is sassy and curious, her spirit is light and grounded. She doesn't have to take any nonsense and loves to get things done.

Electricity cackles in the distance and the soft earthy smell of the juniper trees is released into the cool air, the sky is ready to release it's heavy navy hued clouds onto the earths surface. The dry red sand waits in anticipation in a quiet stillness.

My brother does healing nature hikes in Taos New Mexico and Michigan and I fell in love with this picture he took of a feather on an old Indian blanket, Even though it wasn't taken in Sedona It gave me the perfect palette to work with for the collection.

His photos of nature and available Healing Hikes can be found here Reiki Monster Healing Nature Hikes

I really wanted to embrace the beautiful color of the Sedona earth at dusk, the creatures always come out to play after the sun is gone and the subtle colors at the earths edge in the sky are hard not to love. The cactus blossoms with their light green edges, and a day-moon gives peace and space to the viewer in this color dominant piece.

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